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My Magic Collection

“My Magic Collection” helps collectors of magic apparatus manage their collection including vintage magic tricks, posters, books, ephemera and much more.

  • Managing your magic collection doesn't have to be painful.

  • Stop collecting duplicate pieces, and expand your collection with confidence.

  • Preserve the history of magic and share your collection with others.

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Introducing a better way to manage your magic collection.

My Magic Collection makes it easy and fun to manage your magic collection using a colorful graphical user interface with an array of features including up-to-date magic news via the "Start Here" dashboard, automatic value calculations, photo management and much, much more...

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Quickly access your magic collectibles anywhere, anytime and on any device.

My Magic Collection is a "responsive" application that provides quick access to your collectibles using any type of computer or mobile device. It easy to locate and filter exactly what you are looking for using many of the built in search features.

Drag-n-Drop Photo Management

Quickly upload your collectible photos and view as a lightbox slideshow.

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What's being collected?
(real time collection numbers)

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Plus there is so much more...

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I use your app on my iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes. My Magic Collection is built using "responsive" technologies that provide the ability to be used from a desktop or laptop computer, tablets and mobile devices.

Can I import my old collection information?

Not yet. Our launch priorities are to ensure that My Magic Collection is fully functional as a platform for magic collectors and enthusiasts. However, until the "import" feature is complete we will do what we can to work with your collection to import. Please request import assistance by contacting us at .

How will you share my magic collection?

We won't unless you authorize via your account privacy settings. The initial launch of My Magic Collection will not have this feature enabled. We do not expect to release the sharing feature until the latter part of the 1st quarter of 2017. We realize there are many existing sites where magicians and collectors share. We do not want to disrupt what is currently working and thus will provide tools to interact with those sites. This means you can share photos of your collection with other sites including popular social media sites. Sharing also means when other members conduct a search they will be able to view items in your collection.

Can I sell or buy other magic collectibles?

No. We realize and enjoy the many web sites that offer invaluable opportunities to sell or buy magic collectibles. However, as with sharing, we do expect to create partnerships with those sites to easily allow commerce communication.

Is there a monthly fee?

No. You can manage your collection absolutely FREE. In the next few months we will offer a PREMIUM version with enhanced features for a recurring monthly fee.

What are some of your future features?

We are very excited for the future of My Magic Collection as we have so many ideas that we couldn't get all of them realized in the initial launch.

Is my collection information secure?

Yes! Your collection is protected with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate enabling the ability to accept and transmit confidential/private information securely over an encrypted Internet connection.

Still have questions?

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